Vendors 101: do your property proud

26 Jul 2021  •  Last updated 27 May 2024  •  5 min read

Thinking of selling, but unsure how you can eek the most value out of your property? That’s where Lawsons Estate Agents come in. We know Thetford (and surrounding areas) property, and we also know a thing or two in selling your property at top value.

So strap yourself in, check out our tips from our experts to get the most out of your property, then pick up the phone to instruct Lawsons as your representative agent…simple!

  • Get your property camera ready – Make sure you property is camera-ready by starting with kerb appeal, followed by a spring clean and de-cluttering as much as you can. Remember to leave out some of the homely bits such as photos, ornaments and flowers. Some agents, including Lawsons, offer virtual tours, meaning the camera will take 360 degree photos, so be warned – hiding things in a corner will not work. Try to place things inside a cupboard or under a bed for best results or bigger items can always be moved on the day.
  • Prepare for the viewing – It takes mere seconds for a buyer to fall for a property, and there are a few things you can do to help your property sell. Think: five senses:
    • Sight – From the moment your buyer sets their eyes on your property, you want them to fall in love, so give your property the TLC it deserves.
    • Sound – Remove distractions. Buyers want to imagine living in your property, so switch off your music and keep sounds to a minimum.
    • Touch – Keep things clean, you’d hate a potential buyer to be turned off due to a dusty doorhandle.
    • Smell – This is an important one, we all remember smells, so make your property smell as clean and homely as possible. Freshly baked goods, pop on a wax melt, or a little sprinkling of fragrance (don’t overpower it though).
    • Taste – Offer up said freshly baked goods as a little lasting sweetener, or have a freshly brewed pot of tea readily available, it’s the little things that make a lasting memory.
  • Keep things neutral – Once you make the decision to sell your property, this is where you need to take a step back and decide whether your current décor will draw in the right offer from the right buyer. If not, why not strip things back to neutral, for the good of your property.
  • When the offer comes in – When deciding what offer and/or buyer to go with always look at all avenues. Price, buyers’ position and finances. Everyone has different reasons for accepting an offer from just going with the highest possible price or looking for the best buyer that might be cash and no chain. Our estate agents will always provide you with all the information so you can make the right decision for your situation.
  • Be prepared for the unexpected – Not all sales are plain sailing. We will try to control every sale as much as we can, keeping it on track. However, if things don’t go to plan, you need to be prepared to move your property back on the market, which means more viewings and a new buyer. Try to keep your property ready for viewings, just in case the unthinkable does happen. This will inevitably become harder the longer a sale goes on, especially if you have started packing. Our expert team always look 10 steps ahead, and should your sale fall through, they’ll be on the case before you’ve even had chance to think about unpacking.

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