Cut your energy costs with our proven tips

13 Mar 2022  •  Last updated 17 Jul 2024  •  4 min read

If ever there was a time to cut costs and save energy, it’s now.

No one could have foreseen the turbulence sent to test the world over the past few years, and continues to do so.

The financial impact of recent events have been instrumental, combined with our continued efforts to look after our planet.

So, rather than thinking “how do I cut my costs and save energy”, after reading the well-researched, and proven tips from your Thetford Estate Agents, you will well on your way to making a difference to your purse strings and the environment.

  • Turn down the dial: as little as 1 degree will make all the difference in saving energy, and money. Each degree you drop your thermostat can save you by around 4%.
  • Only heat your home when you need it: Rather than keeping your heating on low all day, only heat your home when you require it.
  • See the light with LED energy-saving bulbs: Some energy-saving bulbs may say they’re energy saving, but sit second behind LED bulbs. Save energy the right way, with the best performing bulbs.
  • Save water when you shower: Fit a water-saving showerhead to cut your bill, save water and energy, it makes sense, doesn’t it?
  • Exclude draughts: Draught excluders have far from had their day. In fact, it’s high time they make a come-back, fighting off draughts and keeping your home warm, whilst saving 2% off your energy bills (plus, they look great!)
  • Switch off the tumble dryer: Clothes drying throughout the house may not look enticing, but saving you £40 a year could well make that saving worth it, so switch off your tumble dryer and dry your clothes on an airer.
  • Cut a minute off your shower time: We’ve all been guilty of spending a little too long underneath the shower. But at a time when we all need to watch our energy usage, and tighten up the purse strings, be mindful of your shower time. You can also get a shower timer, to keep on time, every time.
  • Not using it? Switch off the plug: Switch unused devices off at the plug, and you could win back on average £40 a year. Simple, yet effective.
  • Don’t over boil: We all love a cuppa. But overuse of a kettle, together with boiling more water than you need comes at a cost. It may be a small saving of £8 a year, but all of these savings add up!
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