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12 May 2021  •  Last updated 25 Oct 2021  •  4 min read

Marking May as Photo Month, we know the power of a single photo.

The difference between bad photography and good photography when it comes to selling a property can be tens of thousands of pounds. So, needless to say, it pays to get it right the first time.

The team at Lawsons Estate Agents, Thetford, know what it takes to make a good property photo, showcasing the best your home or investment has to offer, and rather than keep our secrets to ourselves, in honour of Photo Month, we’ve listed some of our top tips to sell your home with the best photography.

A good photo starts with a good camera: rather than rely on your smart phone for a good image to sell a home, invest in a decent camera. Of course, smart phone technology has come on leaps and bounds, but nothing beats a camera built solely to take a good photo, with a tripod to take the sharpest of images you can.

Make use of the light: Nothing beats natural light to show off the potential of a room, but where that light may be darkened (let’s face it, we do live in the UK), make use of support lights such as lamps and photography lights to help set the scene.

Focus on kerb appeal: Whether you’re selling a fixer-upper, a brand-new home, or a well-lived in home in need of a little TLC, your property has kerb appeal to someone. So, make sure you showcase the best that your property has to offer, from original pieces within a home, to room sizes and high ceilings. Use your images to showcase the potential of your property.

Consider image order: When you upload your images onto your property portal, website and property brochures, lead with the outside of your home, that’s where you’re most likely to grab a buyer’s interest. Take your buyers on a tour of your home through your photos, allowing them to visualise their potential investment.

Get the right angle: In every room, there is the right angle to help you showcase the best it has to offer. Find that angle to take your property photos. Include three walls within your photo, utilise your tripod to take the image at chest height either in a doorway or the corner of a room, and make sure you include the features you want to highlight from beams to fireplace, ceiling height or room size.

Remove the clutter: A buyer likes to visualise a home in the way that they want to live in it, rather than how you are living in your home. With that in mind, whilst your belongings are important to you, it is crucial to ensure your home is staged without clutter, allowing potential buyers to visualise their investment.

It’s true what they say, a picture paints a thousand words, or in the case of selling a property, a good picture is worth a thousand pounds (or more). So make sure your agent puts the investment in fantastic property photos to help you sell your home.

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