Lawsons go Carbon Neutral

27 Sep 2021  •  Last updated 27 May 2024  •  3 min read

The world is changing, at a scary pace. So, rather than stand on the side-lines and watch it happen, we’ve taken the right steps in omitting our carbon emissions, as we play our role in the fight against global warming.


Working with SQSTR, Lawsons have made the commitment to go carbon negative.


Becoming carbon neutral has been a target for Lawsons Estate Agents, and Managing Director, Matt Lawson, for several years. With Global Warming fast becoming the single biggest risk to our world as it stands, the time to act was yesterday.


As well as offsetting the carbon emissions of Lawsons as a business, we have taken a step further in planting a tree for every property sold or let, in the support national forestation projects and international forestation, as well as offsetting the carbon emitted from each individual staff member.


Speaking of Lawson’s move to go Carbon Neutral, Matt Lawson said, “Global Warming isn’t slowing down, so I strongly feel every person, where possible, needs to go above and beyond in order to fix what we have broken.”


“I’m proud that Lawsons is moving in the right direction, both in supporting Thetford’s efforts in going carbon negative, and playing our small role in fixing the planet.


“As well as working with SQSTR, we are following environmentally friendly steps to save energy, using recyclable For Sale boards and reducing the carbon we, as a whole, produce.”


We endeavour to share the steps we’re taking in becoming carbon negative and will share the tips and tricks we learn along the way to make a positive difference on our world.

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