Lawsons are going Carbon Neutral and you can too

12 Oct 2021  •  Last updated 27 May 2024  •  5 min read

Our road to going Carbon Neutral has kicked off, so we figured it’s high time to share some of the tips and tricks we have picked up so far to make a positive impact on our environment.

Reducing our carbon footprint is essential to future-proofing the world we live in for now and future generations.

So, here’s how:

Reduce your flying – did you know, a long-haul flight from the UK to New York emits 1.7 tonnes of carbon dioxide?* And while many airlines offer the option to offset such emissions, many options do not have much of an impact (less than 5% of offsets in 2020 removed carbon dioxide from the atmosphere).

Research into modes of transport have found that opting for travelling by train can save as much as 91% carbon emissions, compared to flying. Something to consider when planning your 2022 summer holiday.

Consider what you eat – plant based diets are becoming widely popular. It’s more than just a fad, it can make a positive impact on our environment (and diets). According to a study from Oxford University, if everyone were to go vegan, it would drop greenhouse gasses by 49%. However the idea of going Vegan for many is daunting or unreastic, so every UK family swapping just 1 red-meat meal a week for a vegan option is the equivalent to taking 16 million cars off the road.

You can also cut carbon emissions by shopping and eating local. We’re blessed to have many fantastic local Thetford businesses, so make sure you play your part in supporting them.

Treat your home to energy efficiency – homes across the UK are responsible for emitting 15% of greenhouse gasses. But you can make some changes to reduce this figure.

Firstly switching to green energy where possible, as well as making sure your home is well insulated, upgrading your gas-guzzling old boiler, and swapping your lightbulbs for LED.

Leave the car at home and take a walk – Need to pop to the shops? Why don’t you get your steps in, whilst making a positive impact on our environment? Perhaps you could use your bike for your daily commute, or make use of Thetford’s fantastic public transport connections.

If you rely on your car use, now may be the time to invest in electric.

Buy second-hand – The UK can in many ways be a throw-away culture, when it comes to food, clothes, gadgets. You may need a new outfit, but rather than splurging in fashion chains, why not pop to your local charity shop and find some hidden gems?

Save money – check

Support charity – check

Reduce carbon emissions – check

What are your tips to reduce your carbon emissions? Share them with Lawsons and the people of Thetford #ThetfordsCarbonReduction





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